Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Pool(side) Party

We had Ashlyn's birthday part yesterday. Originally we were planning to have the party at the park, but the place was packed. So, we changed plans and moved the party to the pool in our building.

Bubbles before eating.
Since Ashlyn was born, Joy has been begging to make Ashlyn's birthday cake one day. Since she came here for the party, she was able to make Ashlyn's cake. Ashlyn wanted a house cake, which wasn't as exciting for Joy. Ashlyn loved it, though.

Happy Birthday to you!

Crazy face
Showing off one of her presents

Joy and I at the party
Unfortunately, it wasn't the warmest day and seemed to get chillier as we were out there. So, after opening presents and eating cake, we decided to come upstairs instead of getting into the pool.

Ashlyn showing off her new Cinderella dress, in front of her new kitchen.

With Granny and her new tea set

Tea party time


The Dunns said...

Happy Birthday, Ashlyn! I can't believe how old she is. It seems like all the babies were playing together just yesterday. She is so beautiful. Love those dresses!

The Capozzoli Clan said...

Looks like a great party and birthday cake. I would love a pink house too....or any cake for that matter from Joy. Hope it was a great day and visit for everyone.

Christal said...

That house cake looks great - Ashlyn and christopher are both looking more grown up and it has only been a few months since I saw them! Is that ottoman new? i like it! More pictures of the apartment please - and wow what i wouldn't give to have a pool like that where i lived! record hot days here.

Natalie said...

The cake is so cute. Love the banner in the back too and Ashlyn's dress.

What brand/make/model kitchen did you get? I'm looking for a new one once we get settled.

Anonymous said...

Wish we could have been there! Hopefully her party will be in Arkansas next year...

Grandma Vicki