Friday, May 22, 2009

Where have we been?

Why, we've been at the park.

As always, Ashlyn found a friend.

We've been riding our bike to a park a couple of times, which has been really great. Christopher likes the bike trailer much more this year, though he still isn't crazy about the helmet. (He's asleep in this photo.)

Forced (sweaty) sibling photo

Ashlyn has also done a bit of modeling. (dress up clothes courtesy of Granny)

On Mother's Day, we went swimming

and out for dinner

Christopher has been working on his singing skills.

Last weekend we headed north to wine country. We toured a winery in the Sonoma valley.

It included a tractor tour.

The place was just very beautiful.

And, again, we had a picnic lunch at the park and playground.

Unfortunately, this was also where poor Christopher burnt his leg on the slide. It blistered but is doing better.


The Dunns said...

Looks like great weather and lots of fun! You are making California so appealing. It may even end up on my list of really great places to live.

amanda said...

Thank you for posting - you all look so happy, and sound so happy! I miss you and hope you're well.

Katie said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. Your children are gorgeous. That second photo is just breathtaking. He is BEAUTIFUL! And you're a fabulous sounds like CA agrees with y'all!

Laura said...

Holy cow, you've been busy.

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics. Looks like you're having a great time out there.

Grandma Vicki

Harrisongranny said...

I'm just sitting her grinning and chuckling at Ashlyn's dress-up outfit! Didn't I do such a great job? :)

Ya'll make such a pretty family...and you are an excellent photographer...with excellent subjects, I must add.

Can't wait to see the kids up close!

Jackson said...

LOVED the post - feel like we havn't spoken in forever - getting busy with everyday life. CA agrees well with everyone - am loving seeing all that sunshine! Christopher has changed a heap since you guys left - he is looking like a big boy now! I miss you all heaps xoxo