Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Yesterday, we dyed Easter eggs. This was Christopher's first time to participate. He really just wanted to eat the eggs.

Ashlyn was more interested in it.

The finished product.

This morning, when they got their Easter baskets, Ashlyn grabbed the toys. Christopher picked up the two real eggs and brought them to me. That was his breakfast.


Laura said...

You are much braver than I am. We did not attempt to dye eggs again this year. We had Bo decorate them with markers and stickers (not nearly and colorful as yours) but they worked just as well.

Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

What a fun Easter!

Good luck in California and keep in touch.

Grandma Vicki

Sharon said...

Glad you were here with family for Easter...looks like the kids had fun! Hope your trip to CA. goes well and you settle in to your new home quickly! Let us know how it's going. Thinking of you!

Katie said...

I love that photo of Christopher. Your kids are so photogenic! Ashlyn and Becca would have a ball together with the dress up stuff!