Friday, January 02, 2009

Christopher's 1st Christmas

I may have overdone it a bit on baking for Christmas this year. We spent Monday making cookies for our neighbors. Then, we made cookies for Christmas day on Christmas Eve. We ended up throwing away a lot of cookies. Here's Ashlyn as we made cookies for Santa. She was really so excited to make cookies for Santa, pretty excited actually all month about everything. She's at such a great age for unlimited excitement.

Here's a family shot before we went to church on Christmas Eve. Ashlyn was very cooperative and kept saying "the camera is taking pictures all by itself!" Apparently, I don't use the timer often. What I find amazing about this picture is that both children are looking at the camera. I can't get them to both look at ME when I am taking a photo.

More photos of my kids on Christmas Eve.

On Christmas morning just before 6, I kept hearing Ashlyn's door open, little feet scampering into the hallway, then back into her room again. This happened a few times before I got up to see her in the hall. She was so excited to see if Santa had eaten his cookies! Allen had to point out that he also brought presents. This was when I went to get Christopher, who wasn't all that interested in the gift opening.

Here is chewing on one of Ashlyn's toys, rather than opening his own gifts.
Now he figures out that he got a fun present. He loves to walk around pushing this. Ashlyn likes riding on the lion as well.
Here is a little bit later. I'm tired, Mama!
Notice Ashlyn's sweet expression here.

What's with the dorky look when Christopher is actually looking at me?

Our neighbors and their four kids came over. It was LOUD! Allen's SGM, who doesn't have children, also came over. I think he left as soon as he felt he could politely do so. He didn't even wait for dessert. Everyone had a good time, though.


The Dunns said...

Great Christmas photos! You look great, Angie! Almost as cute as your kids. ;)

amanda said...

Angie Harris, you are an amazing mother - and a beautiful one, too. Your blog posts are a total delight for both me and Beth. Happy birthday...belated, but heartfelt!

Harrisongranny said...

I love the one of Ashlyn being a goof...and Christopher looking angelic! I am now putting it on my screensaver at my office....for all the world to see! :)