Sunday, January 04, 2009

Birthday Party!

Trying to get pictures of Christopher under his birthday banner. Tickles from Daddy

Our Guests:

Renee with Addison

Baby John, who really isn't a baby, anymore
The requisite time-out picture
The Cakes:Happy Birthday to you!

It didn't take him long to really chow down.

All done, Mama.


Natalie said...

Love the cakes! So cute! Love Ashlyn's dress. I wish Liv would let me keep things in her hair. Urgh! She and Lila rip everything out. Thus the short hair!

Katie said...

THREE cakes? Oh man, you are setting the bar REALLY high! :)

LOVE the timeout photo. That cracked me up. (Because it could have easily been photographed in our house!!)

Laura said...

I can't believe he is a year old and I have never seen him. Ugh. I miss you guys.

When you move ot Arkansas, we will have to get together. I insist.

BTW - I love your Dear Christopher post. I am so going to do that on my boy's birthdays. Very cool.

The Dunns said...

Great banner! What cool cakes. Very Alaskan! ;)

Anonymous said...

Almost cried on the Dear Christopher post - loved the month by month photos! I have spent the past 1/2 hour just looking through all the recent blogs from you, they are all grand - and what a great birthday gift to get to Amsterdam! Happy 34th! and Happy 1st Christopher! Christal

sara said...

Happy Birthday Angie & Christopher!

The Dear Christopher post made me tear up but gave me hope that I can actually handle 2 kids too! The year of pictures was wonderful. You can really see him develop his personality! I can't wait for you guys to be back in the States & all the kids can get together (not to mention the grownups).

KimS said...

Happy Birthday to all! You should've given him the black bear. THAT would've been a mess to remember.

Are you headed back to Arkansas soon? Please do call! I'd love to see you and meet Christopher, and Gracie would delight in re-meeting Ashlyn. Happy Traveling!

(Oh, man, the thought of the jet lag w/ two little kids makes my head spin. You'll have my prayers.)

The Smith's said...

Happy Birthday Ang... and, of course, little Christopher.

Sorry I have not been able to really communicate with you lately. I am thinking of you and so glad to see the birthday boy and all his wonderful pictures. He is such a cutie!! Miss you all.

hopefully we can catch up soon.