Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stinker Bean

I had to take a photo of my Christmas tree NOW. The tree had only been up for a few days a this point, but several ornaments and ribbon and been removed. All thanks to this stinker:Since the photo was taken, Christopher has managed to remove enough of the lights to get it stuck around his waist, while still attached to the tree. I should probably remove my fragile ornaments. He has also unwrapped a few gifts. What?
Christopher has actually been making huge messes everywhere. I was working on something at our dining room table, while Christopher played. In about 15 minutes time, he managed to empty part of a cabinet and the basket that contains all of Ashlyn's crayons and markers. And, then spread them about on the floor.

He started smiling every time I pulled out the camera this week. I guess he knows what he is supposed to do.

He has also started giving kisses. Big, openmouthed kisses that begin with a loud "AAAAAAAHHHH!"

And for another big stinker, here's Ranger, trying to protect us from the herd of sheep. He was barking his head off from his perch on our guest bed.


Laura said...

Christopher looks so much like Ashlyn in these pictures. I have never noticed it before, but wow, they are definitely brother sister.

Last year we only had the top half of our Christmas tree decorated. It looked awful but atleast Bo couldn't reach anything important.

Good luck containing Mr. Stinker.

Natalie said...

I agree w/Laura. Your little man is looking more like his sister lately.

Great pics. Love his smile.

The Capozzoli Clan said...

Okay, I have logged on three times now....maybe I can actually get my comment posted this time.

Love the photos of Christopher and the tree. Paulie is definitely at that phase right now too. I have put all the kid friendly ornaments at the bottom....even the christmas cow ones and that is a problem. Paulie is in LOVE with cows. So this cow will appear in various places in the house....but never on the tree where it is meant to stay.

And Ranger, love the shot of him and his desires to protect the fam. I can still hear his howl/bark. A sweetie. Great to see a pic of him.

Katie said...

What a BEAUTIUFL view out your windows. It must be wonderful to live there!

I laughed out loud at the picture of him opening gifts. Too funny.

And yes...your kids totally look alike!

Jessica Bell said...

That sounds like our house. I have two gates up to block off our tree from Luke, but he is so fast he can get all the way too it in a matter of seconds. James is quick to let me know when he has an ornament. James then proceeds to move all the ornaments up and out of Luke's reach. I guess I need to take a picture of out tree too. Merry Christmas