Sunday, December 07, 2008


When you try to take a nap around here, you get a little help.

Allen actually claims that he was able to sleep with all of this going on.

Just some cute pictures of Christopher that have nothing to do with this post, except that they were taken during the "nap time."

As you can see, Ashlyn kept pretending to sleep as I snapped a picture.

Allen finally gave up and carried the kids upstairs for their bath.


Natalie said...

I love it. Sounds like our house.

The Smith's said...

Christopher is such a cute little boy!!! He is growing up too fast, they both are! I want to meet him before he is dating... Hopefully we can work something out this summer??

Michael, Joy & Family said...

Angie, so cute! I always tell Michael Sr. if you want to nap you need to go to the bedroom to get a REAL nap! By the way as Mommy's what is a nap during the day all about? Anyway, the kids look great, so glad you are enjoying them. They are so much fun and sooo cute!

Laura said...

I so wish I could take pictures as well as you do. Are you still taking them all on "manual"?

Nice try with the nap Allen.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - i love the last photo of Allen and the kids - also Christopher is seriously getting cuter every post! is he close to walking yet? Are your parents still there?

The Dunns said...

Cute! Steve has the amazing ability of napping through the kids, too!