Thursday, September 11, 2008

Undeniable and other Randomness

It doesn't matter if you just swept the floor yesterday. If your baby needs a clothing change and possibly his face washed after scooting across your floor, YOU NEED TO SWEEP THE FLOOR! Do you think I could attach a dust cloth to his shirt?

Two companies should be giving me money (of course, I realize that I don't actually have to do anything to advertise these products, except use them):
  • Ergo baby carrier- I have recommended this baby carrier to MANY people, let them try mine out, etc. I actually recommended it before I even purchased it myself. Of course, it was recommended to me first. That's the way of business.
  • Phil and Ted's - not only does this product get many second looks as we are travelling, but many people stop to ask us about our stroller. We always tell them how great it is. And, I end up with a few people each week looking for Phil and Ted's and finding my blog. (A lot of people are also searching for "Granny feet" and finding my blog. Why are they searching for Granny feet?)
As far as referrals to my blog go, I have a mystery. For the most part, I know that I will have lurkers. (They may have found me looking for feet.) I lurk on different blogs as well. Sometimes I read friends of friends' blogs. Sometimes I am searching for quilt ideas and find inspiration on a quilt blog, or I just like looking at them. So, I don't really mind for the most part that I don't know who all of YOU are. But, I've recently had several referrals from this site: Apparently, I am linked from this site, but it is private. Do I know you?

I just did a spell check, and blogger told me that nearly all of my words were misspelled. I guess I need to fix the language.


Natalie said...

Spell check is broken. No idea why it isn't listed on "known issues"

Womanly At of Mommyhood is a blogger mom. I believe she sent me an invite to her blog a couple weeks ago. I've had a couple of invites and have yet to read the blogs in depth yet. Though, I will when things are less hectic around here.

Angie said...

The spell check was trying to make all of my words German.

Abby said...

hi! i just saw this. i'm sorry. i've been meaning to send you an invite. i am a mom in bloomington, IN with kids just about your age (boy 3 1/2 and girl 6 1/2 months). i've found you blog linked on a couple of other blogs i read. i have a close friend that moved to germany (near munich) about a year ago. i would love to send you an invite to my blog...i just need to find your email.

Abby said...

can find your email on your blog. if you want an invite just email me at