Friday, September 05, 2008

Sunday at the Zoo

Sunday, we took the train to Munich and went to the zoo. Before we'd even made it to the train, Christopher puked, and I'm not talking spit up. So, we started the day with a change of clothes.

After a quick lunch, we went straight to the petting zoo. This was a great petting area. The goats and sheep were just hanging out, letting the children pet them. One boy just picked up a tiny one. Ashlyn wanted to do that, too, but had to settle for petting.

John enjoyed petting, too. I had to take the kids picture on the rhino. Allen is constantly asking Ashlyn if something is a rhinoceros or telling her that she is eating rhinoceros pie.
And, here's the real rhinoceros.
Ashlyn was also able to ride a horse. She was so excited about it! Big change from last year. There were many kinder areas around the zoo. At another petting area, the goats were a bit more aggressive. Of course, we had a crumb covered stroller in there this time.
I loved watching the elephants get a bath. I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but it looked like the elephant was just grinning. He obviously enjoyed it!

Of course, we couldn't have a trip without a bit of drama. As we arrived at the train station, the sign on our train said that it left at 15:43. We had a short amount of time, so Heather decided to hurry over to Starbucks. I stood there with the three children. At about 15:30, the sign saying when our train departed disappeared. At 15:32, the sign now read that the train departed at 15:34! I SPRINTED across the train station with two children in the stroller and one in the baby carrier. Christopher's head was bouncing from side to side as I ran. I got to Starbucks just as Heather had paid to say we have to go NOW! She grabbed the stroller as we sprinted back across the train station to get on the train, again with Christopher's head bouncing around. At some point during the run, we woke Ashlyn up (why doesn't she sleep at home?) but she managed to go back to sleep on the train. When the train stopped in Regensburg, many people started piling onto the train. Many people with bicycles, who all parked their bikes in between us and the door. There was barely room for a thin person to walk, much less someone with a stroller. Heather took the three kids, while I hoisted the folded stroller in the air over people's heads (I did get help.) As we were standing waiting at the door for our stop, Christopher spit up on Ashlyn and Heather. Ashlyn started crying, but Heather and I were just to packed up moments before our train stop to do anything. A lady handed us some tissues, all the while laughing at us.


Natalie said...

Ewwww. Was Christopher sick?

Looks like they had a lot of fun. I especially love the rhino picture.

The Smith's said...

Looks like fun. I love the zoo. Sometimes it makes me sad. But, I love who excited kids get when they see tha animals.

The Smith's said...

who= watching

The Smith's said...

who= watching how.
Guess the rhinocerous pie I ate last night is affecting my brain/typing skills.

Sharon said...

Guess I haven't been on in awhile....loved seeing all your new posts! Looks like the kids are having the time of their lives! (you too!) So many great pics...Christopher is growing up way too quickly!

Jackson said...

Loving all the pictures and especially the new one up top of your two babies. The quilts you put up a while ago are so pretty, i have no idea where you find the time!? It has been great sitting down and going through all the posts I've missed while Brad has been hogging the computer - but I guess he does have to make the money.