Monday, September 01, 2008


We've had a few changes around here. This little guy is really on the move. He looks like an inchworm moving along the floor. He inches all over the place, though, which necessitated this:I'm enjoying watching him figure out how to get around.

And, of course, since I was taking pictures of Christopher, Ashlyn had to join us.


Natalie said...

He's just so cute! And, I think he looks so different than Ashlyn! I'll never get over how different siblings can be!

Jayla'sMommy said...

I just came across your blog from Shannon's blog.
Your kids are so cute!!
And it looks like you are really enjoying being stationed over in Europe. I love all the travel pictures and it makes me miss being over there so much! We're actually hoping to be stationed back in Germany again next year :)
I think I will stop by your blog more often now so I thought I could de-lurk myself.

Katie said...

I love him peeking out from behind the couch! Adorable....and of course the new one of both of them is just darling!

The Smith's said...

I love it. He has changed so much. Two adorable babes, Ang. I'm ready to meet you in Ohio for another vaca. Say the word;) We will have A and C on more horses and tractors than they no what to so with.

Harrisongranny said...


These are the CUTEST pictures yet!

The Dunns said...

Ah, baby gates really add so much to decor. Too bad you can't get them in colors and materials to match your style. I can see it now -- "available in red enamel & stainless steel, or midnight blue & chrome, or espresso and gold."

Cute kiddos!

Laura said...

I love the last picture. So cute.

Leslie O'Neal said...

Geesh your kids are getting so big already! They're beautiful and you haven't changed do you manage that anyway? It's awesome how much exploring you guys are getting to do! I hope you are all doing great, it looks like it! Rob and I are hoping to start our own family soon...wish us luck! Take care!