Monday, August 04, 2008

The Library

Ashlyn loves to go the library. We generally go once a week, where I let her check out two books (I'm afraid that we'll lose them if she gets more.) I always let her pick them out, but I would cringe nearly every week for awhile when she would select a different Disney book. (Good movies, not good reading. Thank goodness she has moved on!) She is always so excited to get "new books!"

Ashlyn turned 3 just in time to participate in the Summer reading program. On Friday, they had a party for all of the participants.

What's a party without a jumper! Ashlyn was too scared to get on with all of the big kids (smart girl!) So she jumped on the front until it had cleared. And face painting, too. Ashlyn chose what she wanted painted, and had much of it smeared before we got in the car.


Natalie said...

Liv loves the library. But, the library at Nato is the size of a closet and smells like mildew. Also, they have odd hours. Anyway, she loves to pretend she's going to the library and we often find her "stamping" books and carrying around sacks of books she checked out there. Ashlyn looks like she's having a great time and I'm so jealous we have don't have anything like that here.

Sharon said...

My kids love the library, too!
Love all the great pics...Ashlyn is just beautiful! Laughed so hard at the breastfeeding one...I remember those days all too well!

Tracy said...

I love the picture of Ash and Allen....the face paiting is great. William is not a fan of it at all. I have tried on so many occassions to have him get into it and he just won't even try it....I think it is a bit scary for him.

He, too, loves the library. We would go alot at Eglin...and then just what you are afriad of came true....William lost a DVD we had checked out. Nice....and then when we were packing up for the PCS guess what we found....yup, the DVD. We haven't made it to the one here yet but hope to venture out to it soon. Paulie needs some story time.

Harrisongranny said...

I just LOVE that picture of Ashlyn and her daddy! She looks happy...and Allen looks so "fit & trim"!

Thanks, Angie!

The Smith's said...

I third the picture comment. It is really good. Priceless.

Looks like you have been enjoying yourselves. glad it has warmed up and is HOT! That is how summer is supposed to be.

Don't know if I've said this but... You look SOOO skinny. How. How did you so it? My belly won't leave me. It has somehow become very attached and suffers from severe seperation anxiety disorder. When I tell it it must go (and I mean it!) it somehow talks me into another piece of chocolate. Damn chocolate! Why. WHY! Why must you be so delicious!?