Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ashlyn's Happy Birthday Party

Ashlyn has been anticipating her birthday for about a month. I asked her if she wanted a bike and what kind of cake she wanted. Of course, she has no concept of time, so she has been expecting her "happy birthday" party ever since. I would say that she was not disappointed with the party.

When she came downstairs in the morning, I had already started on her cake, and she wanted to eat it immediately. Unfortunately she had to wait even longer.

She was very excited when her friends arrived for her party, though, especially since the first friend woke her from her nap. Within the first hour, she was in time out.
In the next hour, she'd gotten in the pool fully clothed, so she was now running around naked. (Wild party!) I did put on her swimsuit.

After eating dinner, we started with cake.

This picture was taken just before the flame singed one of the flags.
We also had Dora ice cream, picked out by the guest of honor (not good ice cream, by the way.) After opening presents (after all of the bike troubles, this dress and a princess Barbie were the favorites,) there was more running around, including jumping on the trampoline and riding bikes.

By the end of the evening, Ashlyn, Mattie, and Bella were whining, and each of their younger siblings (all 5-7 months) were crying all at once. The chaos in our home prompted our friends without children, but expecting, to thank us for letting them know what they'd gotten themselves into.

Overall the birthday party was a success. By the end of the night, we all crashed and saved most of the clean-up for the next day.


Harrisongranny said...

Oh Angie...the cake is precious! You did GREAT! Ashlyn's dress is pretty...we need to see her new bike!

Thanks for the update.

Natalie said...

What about the bike?

Great dress! I love it! Where did you get it?

I haven't bought any dresses lately b/c I cannot, for the life of me, keep Liv dressed. She wears one of two fancy dresses for an hour or so each a few times a day and rotates Dora mermaid panties. Matt used to get upset that she's naked half the time. He gave up caring several weeks ago. Her excuses are just too cute and she's three. We figured we should let her be three. Especially since no one can see into our yard unless they are really trying to look.

Glad you guys had a great time, despite the usual toddler party chaos.

Tracy said...

Love the pictures of her in time out and the cake. Birthdays are so special. William keeps asking about his....and his birthday is in September. Ha! I am thinking that next year or soon after we will be investing in a trampoline too. Looks like it was a successful party.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!

BTW - that cake is amazing!!!

Angie said...

Oh, that isn't our trampoline, it's the neighbor's. We will probably want one of our own eventually, too. Right now we are mooching.

I'll get some pictures of her on her bike up soon.

Angie said...

Oh, and the dress was from Dillard's.

Brenda said...

Angie...Ashlyn is so pretty. The dress is beautiful. I may have to copy and order Nora one!! She looks like she had fun. Where did you get the directions for the cake?!?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ashlyn! LOVE the dress - way trendy as is she. Her hair is getting long and very princess like :) We know all about mooching over here - Jackson uses the neighbors swing set every day! Loved the idea of cones for towers on the cake - I love making cakes - but it is more fun when heaps of people get to admire them! love Christal

Anonymous said...

LOVE the cake! Glad to hear the party was a success and we can have another mini one when Pawpaw and I arrive with our presents and Matt & Sharon's.

The dress is wonder she hugs them:)

Grandma Vicki

Anonymous said...

WOW! The cake is beautiful but Ashlyn is gorgeous!
Happy Birthday, Ashlyn!
sara, ian & max

The Smith's said...


I too LOVE the dress!!!

The cake is amazing!!