Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shopping and travel (what more could you want?)

I took both children shopping today and was reminded over and over why I prefer online shopping. Just a few examples:

  • almost getting into an accident with the crazy person who was pulling into my parking space from the passenger walkway as I was pulling out

  • having to actually walk, then drive to get to another store when they don't have what I am looking for (I so prefer to just click)

  • listening to a tired baby cry in the car

  • reaching my arm behind the seat to help a child with her snack, while driving kinda fast on the autobahn

  • not finding the stupid raincoat after I drove, paid for parking, and ate nasty fast food (where someone spilled their milk while I was feeding the other one)

But, I needed the raincoat today, not in 1 to 2 weeks when it might arrive. I did end up finding a water resistant jacket (at a local store, no less) that may or may not work. It was cheap, though.
Allen was gone for about 10 days or so. He was greatly missed by Ashlyn (and me, too,) especially at bedtime, when she would cry for "Daddy, my daddy."

Morning after Daddy's return

Tomorrow, we are leaving for a few days. While Allen was gone, I would tell Ashlyn that no Daddy was in Poland (where she would interject "with the cookies," because she knew that he was able to take chocolate chip cookies with him) but when he came back we would go on a trip. I told her all of the fun stuff we would get to do "when Daddy came back." She has been saying over and over that we are "going on a choo-choo train to _____, and we're going to see buildings, and art, and paint(paintings,) and animals, and a palace (sometimes "like Jasmine" is added here, which she pronounces Jazz Man where man has two syllables), Yeah!" I had to go buy a raincoat because last night the forecast called for rain, on the day we would be outside looking at the animals. The forecast is now calling for SNOW for all three days we will be there, so we may not need the raincoat after all. So, where do you think we are going? (No fair guessing if we already told you!)

And more pictures of the kids....

Freshly bathed babies


Katie said...

I LOVE that towel photo. That is just perfect!

I'm guessing you're going to Neuschwanstein!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere to look at animals?? There was a pretty decent zoo in Frankfurt when I was there, maybe there? They also have a good castle. One of the best castles we visited was near Ramstein (can't remember the name) but I don't recall animals over there??? It's a mystery to me! Your kids look precious, I love Ashlyn's questions, sounds like Ethan!

Laura said...

No idea where you are going but I agree with Katie; that last picture is a framer. Love it. Oh, and BTW - I totally prefer online shopping as well. I would be lost without it. God bless the internet!