Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter eggs
Miss Bunny
Dyeing our own
Adding stickers

A White Easter (or at least a white Easter morning)

Let me hold him!
He's too heavy!

Running after eggs

Christopher and Harrison, chillin'


Harrisongranny said...

WONDERFUL pictures! Christopher's hair seems to be on the losing end of his head....I love it!

Ashlyn's egg coloring pictures are is SO much fun for little kids.

Happy Easter everyone!

Natalie said...

How do you make eggs like that? A stencil? Tell me. Seriously, I've never made eggs like that.

Laura said...

Happy Easter! Those pics of Ashlyn are priceless.

The Dunns said...

Please tell me you did not make those fancy eggs. They are beautiful!

Wow - an Easter egg hunt in grass. Imagine that! Looks like both kids had fun. What beautiful kids!

Angie said...

I've never made eggs like that, either. I just purchased them. I didn't even get to keep them. They were bunco prizes.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter you guys! Loving the eggs! I've never had a white Easter - very pretty pictures of a very pretty bunch of kids! love Christal

Swistle said...

That top picture---those eggs are SO PRETTY! And I love the photo of her looking at her bunny ears in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how old Ashlyn looks! She is getting so big, she just looks so much more like a preschooler than a toddler! It looks like a fun Easter!

Andrea & Ben said...

Those eggs are beautiful! Too bad you didn't get to keep them for next year :0)

Anonymous said...

I love the eggs and was shocked that they weren't your handiwork! Love the pics of the kids too...what cuties.

Grandma Vicki