Saturday, February 16, 2008

More on Photo Books

Obviously, I haven't had time to get any of my photos into a book, printed and sent to me. I did decided where I was going to start, though, BLURB.

The two photo books I'd made were from Kodak Gallery and Picaboo. I liked both of them fine. I just wondered if it could be better. When I was looking at online reviews of photo book publishing, the most recommended were Shutterfly, MyPublisher, and Blurb. Even though I hadn't heard of Blurb, I went to their website. The prices swayed me. At both Shutterfly and MyPublisher, the books (I'm comparing books that range from 8x10 to 8.75x11.25) started at $30 to $50 apiece, depending on the type of cover selected. This was for a 20 page photobook. You could add up to 100 pages through each company, at $1 a page. (I believe the prices through Kodak Gallery and Picaboo were similar.) At Blurb, the starting price is $20 to $30 for 20-40 pages. You can add up to 440 pages. At 440 pages, the price is only $70 to $80! Compare this to the other companies where you would be spending $110 to $130 for only 100 pages. Through Blurb, a 100 page book ranges from $30 to $38 for a standard size book. When I was first thinking about this, I figured that I would need several books over a year, if I wanted to include most of the good photos. Through Blurb, I could potentially put a year's worth of pictures into one book. Even if I end up HATING the book, I wouldn't have wasted too much money.

So, I'll let you know how the book turns out. I am going through all of my photos from 2007 (this would definitely have been easier if I had worked on this all year.) I am still planning on printing a book through Shutterfly, just to compare.

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The Dunns said...

I can't wait to see how the book turns out! Thanks for being our guinea pig. :)