Thursday, February 28, 2008

8 Weeks, Princesses, and more Attempts at capturing brother/sister photos

Christopher is 8 weeks old today. Allen was in Iraq (or stuck in Kuwait, really) by the time Ashlyn was this age. So, for the next 16 months, Allen will get to experience all of these baby things for the first time. I'm looking forward to all of it.

Right after he started smiling, Christopher was "cooing." I love those first happy baby sounds. He is currently cooing at his sister, who is keeping him entertained with her mermaids. As would any younger brother of a sister, he is so going to play with dolls.
We've had warm weather this week, and Ashlyn has been playing quite a bit with our next door neighbor Bella. When Bella came over on Tuesday in jeans, Ashlyn knew the situation had to be remedied with princess dresses. She also thought Bella should be wearing some of her special princess panties, but I drew the line at the dress.
Goofy princess faces
dancing princesses
Ashlyn has really been a great helper with Christopher. She refills the diaper basket, picks out diapers for me, and throws them away. She will also pick out his pajamas and wants to help with his bath. When it's just me with the two of them, I put his infant tub in the big bath with Ashlyn. They both seem to prefer bathing that way.
I keep trying to get a good picture of the two of them. These are the best of my most recent attempts.


Natalie said...

All I can say is, WOW. Great pictures! I was never able to capture pictures that good. Partially b/c Olivia wasn't too interested in Lila and partially b/c I suck.

Matt is still amazed at the things Lila does. I find him staring all the time with a perplexed grin. He was most touched when she starting speed crawling to the door when he came home from work yelling, "daddy, daddy, daddy." She gets there before Liv does. It's the best.

Harrisongranny said...

Angie....that first picture is the best you've ever taken! I would love to have a 5x7 hard copy of that one...

I'm so glad to see Ashlyn still wearing her dresses...they are so cute!

It's okay about Christopher growing up with dolls...remember that Allen had bean bag babies!

The Dunns said...

So cute! Helpful big sibs are THE

Great pictures!

Laura said...

I love the last picture of Ashlyn & Christopher.

Anonymous said...

What precious children you have! Ashlyn sounds like a fabulous big sister, what a blessing! And those are GREAT pictures!!!

amanda said...

Oh, AMAZING pictures. My favorite is the first of Ashlyn and Christopher - he looks so serene, and she looks like the most beautiful child that ever fell to earth.

Andrea & Ben said...

I love that onesie! I want one when the time comes. Did you get it at uncommongoods?