Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Now All We Need is a Baby

Allen finished putting the crib together and set everything up in the baby's room on Sunday. I'm pretty happy with it. Things still seem a bit sparse to me, but we needed to leave room for the baby's name (still yet undetermined) and photos.

Last night I was having pretty regular contractions for a couple of hours. This happened so often with Ashlyn that I really didn't think I was in labor and, of course, they eventually slowed down and stopped. I did think it would be pretty funny, though, if the baby came one day too late for the tax deduction and in the middle of the Cotton Bowl. Allen would have been so pleased.

We had our pre-op appointment this morning, basically for a run-down of the procedure, bloodwork, and one last look at the baby from the inside. Baby TOMORROW! I'm still a bit nervous about the c-section, but I am definitely at the point of wanting the baby OUT. I also like this having the baby early thing. Otherwise, I could potentially be pregnant for 3 more weeks. Misery.

So, on to the last belly shots.
37 Weeks, 2005

38 Weeks, 2008


Natalie said...

Wow. The room looks great! You have such talent. What lucky kids!!Wanna come to Portugal and paint and decorate our rooms? Actually, the girls rooms are kind of cute - the walls just need some paint and a few more photos that I haven't framed yet. I may paint this spring if the landlord confirms that we don't have to paint it back. Matt refuses to paint if we have to paint it back to white.

I'm sure you're having a boy and I'm sure you'll feel so much better after the c-section than you did last time. Good luck. You'll be in my thoughts.

Oh, your belly shots are wonderful!

The Dunns said...

Love the B&W tummy pics. You definitely don't look any bigger this time.

I understand the contractions. Finally, with my third, I experienced the horrible uncertainty of 2-3 weeks of off and on contractions. That's no fun.

Rest up!

Harrisongranny said...

OHMYGOSH, are NOT as big as last time!!

I may have to change my prediction!