Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reality Check

I've been sporadically attending a mom's workshop the past couple of months. I hadn't been in a few weeks, and other moms were commenting on my belly when I arrived. I said something along the lines of "yeah, I'm huge." When I told them I was going to have the baby in about 3 weeks, they kept telling me how small I was. They told me I was all belly and definitely didn't look like someone in their last month. It was good to hear, and I just thought what nice people to have around when you are pregnant.

The next night as I was changing clothes, the conversation went something like this.
Allen: You are HUGE. I mean GARGANTUAN.
Me: At my mom's group, they told me how small my belly was, for someone so close to having a baby.
Allen: They were lying.
Me: I know.

Trying to get a side view is hard while holding a toddler.


Harrisongranny said...

I am laughing my head off at your conversation with Allen...I can just hear it!

Actually, you look quite good to be moving into the last couple weeks before birth!!


Brenda said...

Men...I was HUGE w/ Nora. I mean HUGE. I look at pictures now and say, I cannot believe I was that huge. With Ella, I was small...each baby is different. I think you look beautiful!

christal said...

You are a glowing picture of health and don't look near as large as I was - even your wrists are still skinny!!! Love the pictures - Thank you! also loving the tree - great ribbon. Ashlyn looks like she is having fun - I'm amazed you can hold her with her knee digging in your belly!

Natalie said...

You look great. And, you are small! I'm not lying.

Alaska Dunns said...

Angie, you look awesome! Adorable! Your tummy is perfect. Like they said, all baby. You haven't gained weight anywhere else. Great job! How are you feeling?

Isn't it nice to have friends around to boost your confidence a little when your husband gets to see all of you and can be soooo brutally honest? ;)

Laura said...

Allen's just a freak (and I say that with love). I agree with the mommy group; you look great. You look smaller than at this time with Ashlyn. So cute. I miss you guys.

Jame said...

Give Allen a smack on the back of the head from me....:)

I think you look like one hot mom-to-be. You look great. Seriously, your face and arms still look so skinny. By week 34, I looked like I had just had swallowed the blueberry candy from Willy Wonka Factory and was about to float away~

You look like you are carrying this little one much different than Ash. Can't wait to see/hear what you have.

The Far North Krabbenhofts said...

Angie, you look beautiful! Allen was the one lying! It's just to hard for a man to understand having an entire baby inside of you. I wonder how he'd look??!! :)