Sunday, December 30, 2007

Finally, Christmas

Ashlyn has made and remade this bed many, many times. And, apparently, this baby can ONLY be in the bed.

We had a great Christmas this year! Ashlyn actually understood that presents from Santa were coming for her this year. I was very surprised that she didn't try to open any of the presents early that were already under the tree. She was also pretty good about not messing with the ornaments too much, though we had a couple of casualties.
Our first handmade by Ashlyn ornament. I'm not sure what it is, besides a smashed piece of clay with paint.

Since Ashlyn is into all things princess, Disney made a fortune off of our child's gifts this year. She really wanted to play with each one of her gifts before opening another one, which made for a long gift opening time. We kept having to encourage her to open another gift. At one point, we left her in her Princess tent, while we had breakfast. (She was full of chocolate and not hungry.) We then went back to opening gifts. It was good to see that she appreciated everything she received, but we wanted her to open the presents already. So, enough writing, Christmas in pictures.

Ashlyn in her tent, with her Cinderella pillow and Little Mermaid.

Our princess, playing with a puzzle


The Dunns said...

So cute! I love having kids who know that Santa is coming with presents. Their anticipation and excitement is contagious!

Daniel found a box of presents that my brother sent and unwrapped all of them the week before Christmas! (We were wondering where he was and why he was so quiet.) Next year we will have to be more strategic and intentional about hiding the gifts.

Natalie said...

Liv got the same bed. She was and still is excited about it. She puts it next to her bed and exclaims that the bed matches hers (it doesn't, really). I wish Olivia was into princesses or ballarinas. She's only into being a mom to her dolls. It's getting kind of boring.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ashlyn had a great Christmas, she speaks so clearly it was a beautiful gift for us all over here to hear her wish us a merry christmas. You look totally thrilled with the ornament! :) Jackson walked as a present for us! It was too cute. love christal

Jamie Lynn said...

First, YOU LOOK GREAT!! Your facial expression cracked me up. Anyway, you do NOT look like you are having a baby in a few days.

Second, Ash is adorable. What a princess.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Christmas pictures and commentries! Adorable Ashlyn is such a very pretty Princess! Everybody's first work of art is rarley appreciated for it's real value (except maybe in this case..!). Hope you all are still having great holidays! We are!!! Heading to Hobart with Brad, Christal and Jack New Years Day to wait on the news about baby Harris! Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful princess she makes! It's also nice that she understands that Santa's gifts are unwrapped and can be played with immediately while the others have to wait :)

Grandma Vicki

Angie said...

I(I mean Santa) made Ashlyn's babies a quilt that is like hers. She hasn't even noticed. And, the princess thing gets a little old when we have to wear a dress everyday, not a skirt, a dress.

And, Santa wrapped plenty of gifts, just not all of them. She was willing to wait on all of them. She just wanted to play.