Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Stroller

The unhappy face is not about the stroller, but about the fact that I went back inside after our walk to grab the camera.

The stroller arrived in less than a week! I know that postal service had something to do with it as well, but I was so excited about this company getting it to me so fast, that I want to order more things through them just so that I can get them super quick. Plus, several places wouldn't ship to an APO or were going to charge me $100 in shipping. This company charged me $28. Awesome.

The best part was that it arrived last Wednesday. Allen was home to check the mail, so he was the one who got to lug the box from the post office to our house and put the stroller together that very day.

I was really excited about the stroller, but had immediate misgivings when I started using it. (And I was thinking, will Allen let me return this after all of the time he spent putting it together?) Some of the things I had read about in reviews. The directions are not easy to understand, so I had a hard time figuring out how to fold the stroller. I still am not sure which straps I am supposed to use to keep it folded. Allen says that he knows, but he wasn't still here when I got a chance to try out the stroller. The brake is difficult to use. I'd read this in a review, but they mentioned that they couldn't do it in their flip flops. Ok, I had a hard time in my tennis shoes. I am not used to a swivel wheel stroller, so the thing that should make it easier to steer, seemed to make it harder for me. This is not a problem with the stroller, but with me. I very much like not having to pick up the front of the stroller for turns. The swivel wheel does lock, so I think it may work for jogging. I was only able to jog for about 10 yards though, so it's hard to tell.

I took the stroller over to Heather's, though, and I am now won over. It was so much easier to push both of the kids in the stroller than it was to push just Ashlyn in our old stroller. Plus, I love that it doesn't take up a huge amount of space with two kids.

I am still a bit concerned about whether it will end up being uncomfortable for Ashlyn before too long. While the straps have plenty of room for her to grow (I could no longer buckle the straps on the last stroller with her heavy coat) there isn't tons of room for her legs. I'm just a little worried that her legs will have to be bent too much for comfort.

While I can't give a final evaluation on this stroller, I think I am going to be happy with it. Ashlyn just likes that it is RED, rather than black and gray.
This is what Ashlyn usually does when I try to take her picture. Notice the stinker face.


Jamie Lynn said...

I love that little stinker face!!

My sister-in-law has the same stroller. I can ask her some specifics if you need me to. Just say the word.

Harrisongranny said...

Angie....that picture SO looks jusst like YOU....with blondish hair...ohmygosh...I never noticed before how very much Ashlyn resembles you!

The picture below this last blog is gorgeous! Ashlyn's mouth is beautiful...her red cheeks and eyes looking back....remind me of a picture of a child in an antique magazine! (the look of children long ago)


Laura said...

I hope you end up liking it but I'm confused about what makes the break so hard to use. Do you have to step on it or something? Oh, and BTW - to answer your email question, yes, we did get a knew jogging stroller. I love it so much better than our old one.

Angie said...

You have to really step on the brake hard, and then I have a hard time popping it back up. A few times I had to get down and pull it back up.

And, I almost bought the double version of your new jogging stroller. I hope I don't regret not getting it.

Natalie said...

The stroller looks really nice.Gotta love the stinker face. I do see what you mean about the leg room for Ashlyn. I love that it is the perfect size for narrow walkways and sidewalks.