Friday, September 21, 2007

24 Weeks

Just a bit of complaints for a minute. While I have been happy most of the time with my doctor's visits, I do wish things were a bit different. You don't make an appointment with a specific doctor here. You don't know who you are going to see until you show up for the appointment. And, there are several doctors in this practice. The biggest issue I have with this concerns the language barrier. The doctors that I haven't been as happy with didn't speak English as well. I just felt like my questions weren't answered fully. I had several questions this time, concerning both the c-section and some of the pain I've been having during exercise. The doctor gave me a pamphlet on c-sections and told me that everything was fine with the baby, so it was fine to continue exercising. I can keep exercising, but I really CAN'T because I am in a lot of pain every time. I realize that strenuous exercise is just OUT this pregnancy, but I'm even having a hard time walking. I also wanted to know very specific questions about a c-section that concerned how things are done at THIS hospital, not just a generic run-down of the procedure and recovery. I've already been reading about it online and in my pregnancy books. So, really none of my questions were answered. And, does this mean when my c-section is scheduled that I won't know who the doctor will be until I show up? I realize that if I was having things naturally, that is how it would work, but it does seem like there should be that advantage of scheduling things. Ok, so it isn't that I feel any of these doctors are incompetent, but it is difficult to feel comfortable when the language barrier keeps you in the dark.
I loved feeling Ashlyn move around before she was born, but THIS BABY is kind of rude. I was trying to take a nap yesterday, and he immediately started knocking up against the side of my belly on the couch. Like he was trying to tell me to "GET UP!" Then, when that didn't happen, I guess he thought that it was appropriate to turn somersaults and then stretch out and kick/hit both sides of my belly at once. Over and over. And, the bouncing on my bladder? I've had enough. I've actually felt a little bit nauseous a few times when he's moving. He'd better enjoy the movement while he can, because things are about to get very crowded in there.

Earlier in my pregnancy I was told they would schedule the section a week or two earlier than the due date. The doctor this week told me it would be at 37 or 38 weeks. Uh oh. I've also been really counting to the due date, thinking that I still have almost 4 months left in this pregnancy. But, to 37 weeks, I only have 3 MONTHS! I would have paid a lot of money with Ashlyn to give birth at 37 weeks. That would have been awesome. First of all, I've read that babies gain almost 1/2 pound a week during the last month. That means she would possibly have been two lbs lighter. 2 LBS! That would have made a huge difference in the delivery. This time, though, 37 weeks could very possibly mean that I would be in the hospital for Christmas. Not only would it just STINK hugely to be in the hospital on Christmas (and yes, I know that we could just pretend the day I came home was Christmas, which we would, but STILL) but this baby would have the worst birthdays ever for his entire childhood. When I was told a week or two early, I was thinking one week early only, just to push the baby's birthday as far from Christmas as possible. Hopefully, things will work out to at least no earlier than December 26th. Man, what a crappy birthday. Poor kid. We've ruined his life from conception.
Ashlyn taking a shower. She used to just get in the shower with me and play at the end of the tub. Now, I guess she likes how the water feels. She stays in for awhile after I get out.

I have been back and forth about whether or not I wanted to go back to work, but felt, for the most part, that I would LOVE it. Income! Adult conversation! Plus, I love teaching art. I miss it. I thought about it when school started here. I even bought Ashlyn new crayons, because you SHOULD have new crayons at the beginning of a school year. She promptly tore the labels off several crayons. I just miss it. Ashlyn also loves going to day care. She only goes for a few hours at a time, a couple of days a week, but she will talk about her friends there. She basically refers to daycare as "playing with Ashley and Sidney." I figured that it wouldn't be too big of a switch for her to start going full time if I started working. Then, on Friday, Ashlyn FREAKED out when I went to drop her off. She tried pushing me back out the door, screaming "no play Ashley, Sidney, no NO!" I have no idea what the problem was, especially since she usually doesn't even want to leave when I come to pick her up. But, it broke my heart, and I decided that I could clean the house another time, try during her nap and later that night. Then, we got home, and she told me that she didn't want to go in our house, either. I was quite irritated, since I had just left post. If she was going to be whiney all day, I could have let the people I was paying deal with it. But, it just made me think that I might not be quite ready to return to work, anyway. (And, of course, I realize that I'm having a baby soon, so I wouldn't want to work then.)

Ashlyn, running after Sam at play group

Ashlyn, with Ashley and Victoria


Natalie said...

Yeah, I loved feeling Olivia move. But, Lila's movement annoyed me more often than not. Especially when I tried to sleep/nap/read a book. I was freaked out that she'd be hyperactive. But, so far she's not.
I understand the language barrier problem. I had to go into Lisbon today to see a peds ortho doc at the hospital and when I arrived, no one spoke English. I didn't know when we'd be seen, etc. Turned out to not be so bad. But, still, I was really annoyed. And, while the doctor spoke good English, he really didn't think anything was wrong with Lila aside from a some trauma somewhere in her hand that will heal on its own. No broken bones - so he was fine to send me back home. But, he was right b/c she started crawling w/in hours of getting home. Ugh

Laura said...

I love the belly pics. So cute.

That sucks about the language barrier between you and the docs. It seems like they should have translators if they are constantly dealing with military patients. How on earth can you ever get your questions answered otherwise?!?

Hang in there and thank goodness there's the webMD.

Katie said...

I wonder what that pain is you're feeling when you exercise...that is scary! I guess the doctor wasn't too concerned, so that is good. I would be freaking out about not having enough answers as well. I would think it would be better to have a birthday BEFORE Christmas, rather than after.....the after people get even worse birthday presents because everyone forgets and then realizes at the last second that they need a bday gift and are then too poor to get the poor kid anything good! I say go for the 22nd and try to get home by Xmas! :) Not that you asked my advice. Becca is a December baby, so I know the feeling you are having!

Either way, it will all be fine and you'll have another sweet addition to your family!

Angie said...

I guess you are right, Katie. The 21st or 22nd would be better dates for birthdays than the first couple of days after Christmas. (But I'm kind of thinking any time that close to Christmas, people will forget. Everyone is going to Christmas parties and such.) I was just thinking more like January 4th! And, now that they are talking about 37 weeks, it doesn't make waiting until 39 weeks sound like a possibility. Oh, and they keep you in the hospital longer here than the states, so I'm pretty sure that I would still be in the hospital on Christmas day if the baby was born on the 21st. Another one of my questions, unanswered.

And, just to be clear, I know that I am in Germany. I certainly don't expect everyone to speak perfect English, but not knowing what I am ordering at a restaurant is one thing. Not knowing things about my health? Totally different. And, I am working on Rosetta Stone, but, so far, haven't learned the German words for ligament or pelvis. (I have learned baby though, since it is "baby.") I can tell them about girls with long, red hair riding horses, though, which, of course, comes in so handy in many conversations.

Farrah said...

Ligament translates to das Band. (The ligament). When you say das Band, it sounds more like das Bant. Pelvis is das Becken. (The pelvis). So, if your pelvis hurts, this is what you say: Das becken tut mir weh. (toot mir vay). Angie, if you want me to translate stuff for you before you go to the doctor, I will do my best to do so. I'm sure you have fluent friends there who can help, too!

Angie said...

Farrah, the problem then is understanding what they say in return. I've thought about looking up what I need to say, because I've done that on the phone before. But, again, German words are thrown back at me that leads me back to "Es tut mir leid. Ich spreche nicht Deutsches."

Alaska Dunns said...

Wow, that would be so hard trying to understand health conversation in German. Such loss of control! I hope it gets better for you.

I loved everything about my first pregnancy. Each subsequent pregnancy has gotten more uncomfortable, and by uncomfortable, I mean painful. And it happens earlier in each pregnancy. I'm not gaining much weight - not even 20 lbs yet - so it's not that. I'm told it's just normal ligament stretching that causes all the anatomy to be out of it's usual place, but it still hurts even if it is "normal". I'm 35 weeks now. It has taken me the last couple months to learn tricks to minimize the stretching and the discomfort. I can now sleep pretty well without waking up too stiff and sore. I actually feel better when I exercise, now. I hurt more if I sit in one position too long. And carrying the boys up and down stairs - ug. It really makes me not want to be pregnant ever again! No fun.

My boys' birthdays are Dec 9 & 29. Our anniversary is Dec 30. Yeah, kinda inconvenient. But, you know, if that's the worse that happens to them in life, they will have led a charmed life. I am glad, though, that this baby will be born in Oct.


christal said...

My friend had pelvic pain with her second pregnancy - she carried twins though - and it was so bad that it was some form of pelvic seperation and she had to wear a special brace for her hips from the physiotherapist. Maybe you could see a physio about it?

Sharon said...

My brother's b-day is the 22nd and a close friend's is the 26th. They both stink, but like someone else commented...if that's the worst that comes of it, it's not so bad! You'll be so ready at that point it won't matter! And, it's all the baby will ever know anyway!
I also had to cut back on exercising more and more with each pregnancy due to pain. Hang in look great!

Grandma Vicki said...

My brother's birthday is the 22nd also!

amanda said...

Regarding Ashlyn freaking out at day care - I just dropped Beth off at Mother's Day Out for the very first time this morning - my first time to leave her with someone other than my dad and his wife. It's only six hours, and it's, like, 200 yards from my house, but I'm the one who's freaking. She's been clinging so tightly to me lately, not to mention teething like crazy...I'm getting a lot of work done but thinking about her pretty steadily and wondering how she's doing. Probably happy as a clam. Sheesh. I hope she enjoys it as much as Ashlyn usually enjoys hers.

Amy said...

Hi Angie,
I am a friend of Cherie's who sometimes looks through your blog :) I hope you don't mind! We lived in Germany several years ago and I love seeing your adventures over there. Your daughter is gorgeous. Anyway, just wanted to write and let you know that my older son has a Christmas birthday and he absolutely loves it! We have always tried to make sure it was seperate and special. He'll be 11 this year and still thinks it's GREAT to have a b'day on 12/25 so he must really be ok with it! I also had a pregnancy in Germany (my younger son) and completely understand the language barrier thing. Once I had a doctor that I could NOT understand at all -- and she was attempting to speak English to me. I had to have my husband translate! It was a little embarrassing at the time. Can you ask to see a specific doctor at your appointments? Ok, my response is terribly long. Hope you don't think I'm weird for writing to you! Your blog is great!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie,
I'm sorry about the language problem too. That IS such a bummer, both the doctors I had spoke pretty good English, so I didn't have that problem too much. Also, I went to an office where only one doctor worked, so I had the same doc each time. You may be able to call up to the Wurzburg army hospital and schedule an appoitment there just to have your questions answered. Also, if you are having a scheduled c-section, I bet you could deliver in Wurzburg too, that way you'd have all Americans around and you could probably pick your day as well. I know when I had Nicholas in Bamberg, I could've chosen to go to Wurzburg if I had wanted to. I know they've been closing a lot down over there, so maybe that hospital isn't even fully operational anymore. Good luck, I hope it gets better.

I LOVE the belly slide show, what a great idea!

Much love!

Jamie Lynn said...

I know you have a lot going on... Like getting ready to have a baby in 90 days or so. But I need to see some pictures. How's the bump and Ashlyn? Miss you!