Saturday, September 01, 2007

1, 2...5!

Ashlyn and Paloma

As Ashlyn keeps adding to her vocabulary, we can't help but crack up at some of the things that she says. I love that we can somewhat have a conversation, or at least she can tell me what she wants.

She recognizes all of the numbers (most of the time), but does not actually count. We've been working on it a little bit, by counting on her fingers. She has moved from counting on her fingers to actually counting things, sort of. At first, she was counting 1,2,3. While we were at a restaurant, I was so excited because she counted 3 circles on a page. Then, we asked her to count how many horses there were. She again counted 3, though there were only 2. Lately, she counts nearly everything. However, everything is "1, 2, 5!" She comes into our bedroom in the morning and counts my eyebrows, "1, 2, 5 eyebrows!" (What do you think, 5 eyebrows? Would that be worse than a unibrow?) Eventually, she will get it, but the 1, 2, 5 is hilarious right now.

Some other funny things that she is saying right now are "up y down" referring to all stairs and escalators. After every time anyone bumps into something or coughs or sneezes, Ashlyn has to ask if they are ok. "Mommy, k? Yes? K." If you don't ask her after she falls or coughs, she will say "Ashlyn k."

The kiss thing? Is kind of getting annoying. Before, we could just say "you're ok" and she would move on. Now, minor things often require a kiss. And, I'm sorry that you shut your finger in the lady care container in the bathroom stall, but I am so not going to kiss it.

After helping make brownies

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Katie said...

Toddlers are hilarious! Love the picture!

Becca counts, "1, 3....6" I thought she was the only one!