Friday, July 13, 2007

Allen's Homecoming

Allen has been in California this week. The Army thought he should fly all of the way there for a one-day conference. Of course, with 24 hours of travel on each end and staying there a day before and a day after, he was pretty much gone the week. He was to arrive home around midday today, Friday the 13th.

I had plans to take Ashlyn to hourly care. I thought I would clean the house a little more and maybe make something to eat for him when he got home. I knew he would be very tired and would probably just want to sleep and maybe have a meal.

Instead, Allen drove into Parsberg and saw me standing on the side of the road with an MP, the polizei, and a couple of other witnesses. Instead of a loving hug and an "I miss you," my first words were "I wrecked the truck!"

As I was driving back to our house, I took my eyes off of the road, and the next thing I knew I was driving over some pilings on the side of the bridge, and I thought I was going to flip the 4-Runner. I was only on two wheels for a bit, before I landed back on the road. I was VERY shaken, but fine. Everyone who stopped was very kind. Thank goodness I hadn't lost control enough to hit any of the other cars or had Ashlyn with me! Fortunately, one of the witnesses was also an American, who could speak German. She stayed to help interpret.

Though I really thought everything was fine, Allen and I went to the hospital to make sure that nothing was wrong with the baby. And, the baby is also fine.

We're not sure how much damage I did to the 4-Runner. It looks mostly like the running board, but it didn't drive great on the way home. We'll see.

So, this was Allen's welcome home party! Woohoo. (He also received a lovely display of Ashlyn's biggest fit to date!)

I know that it's been awhile since updates. We were gone, lazy, and then without internet. I will update you on our Italy trip this weekend!


Tricia (Vicki's sister) said...

I'm glad to hear that both you and the baby are fine. You can always replace the car.

sara said...

Scary! I'm glad you & the baby are OK!!! Sending good thoughts for an uneventful weekend for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and your little ones all are safe! How scary for you.

Beth is teething molars and so is also practicing her fit-throwing skills. Probably doesn't have as much to do with teething as I think. Love you and glad you're all well!


Harrisongranny said...

Ohmygosh, Angie....I'm SO glad you are okay! Maybe you'd better sit or otherwise stay DOWN this weekend, in order to just rest!!

Why Ashlyn's "fit"? Was she glad to see Allen....or mad about something....or what?

Take care of yourselves!!! I guess your insurance will surely take care of your mess??!

peace, love, and BLESSINGS to you all....

Vicki/Grandma Harris said...

Homecomings are almost always over rated but it does sound like you at least gave Allen some excitement.

As far as accidents go it certainly could have been a lot worse. At least Ashlyn wasn't with you and you and the baby are OK.

Katie said...

How scary! I am so glad you are okay!