Sunday, May 20, 2007

Regensburg Fest

We decided to ride this ferris wheel.

I am scared of heights, but I'm not usually bothered on a ferris wheel. However, now instead of imagining myself flipping over the edge, I imagined Ashlyn flying out to her death. Notice that I'm holding her pretty tight.

Ashlyn wasn't scared at all, though. And, look at the view from the top.

When Ashlyn saw this carousel, she started running toward it. The horses were a perfect size for her and she loved it! She rode it a second time, too. (I know that these pictures are all pretty much the same, but I really like them.)

We parked far away from the fest, so we had quite a walk. Ashlyn loved it, though, since we were right by the river. Unfortunately, she let go of my hand just at the wrong time and ran in front of a bike. She was fine, but it really scared us.

Having been up for the day at 5 am followed by a big day, Ashlyn was exhausted by the time we got to the car and fell asleep within 5 minutes.

Here we were trying to convince Ashlyn that she could share my lap with Ranger. If he moved a paw on her "side" of me, though, she would yell "no! my mommy!"


Anonymous said...

ohmygosh....I wish I was THERE!


Grandma Harris said...

Me too...but I wouldn't have been on the Ferris Wheel!