Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I should probably change the name of this blog

I should probably change the name of this blog for the time being to Poop Chronicles, because I can see this subject coming up A LOT before Ashlyn is potty trained. We received her potty chair in the mail tonight. Ashlyn was so excited to have her very own potty that she immediately wanted her diaper off. She sat down in the living room and made her first deposit, getting up every couple of moments to check her progress. Everything didn't quite make it where it was supposed to go, but she was SO PROUD of herself.

In more poop news, about 1/2 an hour later, Ashlyn picked up a piece of poop in the yard. At some point before then, she had also stepped in it. Lovely subject, I know. But, now we have helped to meet one of our loftier goals as parents, because Ashlyn will be so embarrassed when everyone knows these stories as a teen. Hee.


Natalie said...

Oh, do I know this all too well. Just last night, Matt and I went in to put Liv down to bed and noticed poop in her crib. I had not seen it when she woke up from her nap. Didn't smell it either. I guess I'm getting used to it! I wish she'd just finish up and potty train already! Just as I was writing this, she took her potty and tried to dump it out in the sink!

Tracy said...

Oh Angie......playing with poop other than Ashlyn's own is a subject that is VERY near and dear to our lives. William was FASCINATED with Lisa'a for a VERY long time and just would not leave it alone! Thank god that phase did pass....I hope that Ashlyn will move off it soon and give Ranger some peace when he poops. When we told people what we were dealing with regarding William and the love for playing in Lisa pooh...they all thought we were nuts...cause you know, their kids NEVER played in poop. Sorry to hear you joined this club. If you get annoyed with the new toy...let us know...we worked hard to get rid of it at our house. Hope everything else is going well. And, hopefully we will see you soon.

Love, Trace

Angie said...

Fortunately, she picked up a piece that was starting to dry out. How gross is this topic? It could have been much worse, though. Yuck

ready for other subjects now said...

Long ago people must have become so worn out because of this subject (children and pooping) that the expression "I'm pooped" must have been coined by parents...! Yeah, I'm ready to say you could move on to other subjects like Ashlyn's OTHER play activities, weekend trips with pictures, more about your neighbors, what's going on locally (there's always something going on in Germany...) But I am impressed that Ashlyn is taking this training seriously and that her parents are giving her high praise for all her...efforts! Love, B/D/P