Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bad Timing

Allen has really bad timing on offering opinions. I asked for input on paint color for our living room. I told him that I was thinking about blue. He kind of made a face and said that he wasn't sure about blue. I showed him the color I was thinking about, and he said that was an ok color. So, we went to Obi today, which is a Home Depot equivalent. I bought paint for the whole house. Not too many different colors this time. Blue for the living room and Ashlyn's room, yellow for the kitchen and the guest room, and a more neutral yellow (closer to ochre, but light) for our bedroom. The paint was a bit more expensive than what we've paid for paint in the past. We will only live here for three years, so I'm not going to be painting this place more than once. I asked Allen about the color, before I had them mix it. He told me to get what I wanted. After we get home, Allen tells me that he doesn't like the blue. Good grief. Our living room is going to be blue. If we don't like it, our next living room will be another color. I'd just had enough of green and yellow for now, in the living room anyway. Apparently, I still like yellow in every other room in the house. Now, I just have a lot of painting to do before we get our furniture.


Jamie Lynn said...

I know you have made your choices. but I was going to suggest weekend get a way or nantuket fog...

Can't wait to see pictures of the rooms when you are done.

Anonymous said...

OK Angie,I have definite opinions on your colors. First of all if your red is Moroccan then the soft Jazz or Nantucket fog is a much better hue of blue to blend with the red. If you go green look at the boldness but subtle color of Weekend getaway, to me that is the choice. Also compare the sweet pear to the Hawthorne and you can see that it is a much more clear yellow. I tend to see pink in the hawthorne. :) "Hey" to Allen and Ashlyn.
Have fun! Gina

content with blau 11 said...

You know what I like about Germany.....they don't have fancy names for their paint...they just call it "blue 1, blue 2...yellow 1, yellow 2, etc..."

Nantucket fog? What is that? How do you associate a color with that?!