Monday, March 19, 2007

Tour of Arkansas, part 2

Allen and Ashlyn, my favorite subjects

I have wanted to share everything we have been doing in Arkansas, but we have been so busy, I just haven't made it on the computer for longer than a quick email/blog check. Now, I have a little bit of time, but only dial-up! So, I'm not sure for how many pictures I will have patience.

Anyway, we're having a great time! And, we are experiencing SPRING for the first time in 4 years! I love real spring, with the slow flowering of trees, daffodils, and WARM weather. Truly, the weather has been just about perfect most days. I know, boring post going on about weather, but it was 45 below when we left Alaska! 45 below makes it easier to leave. On the other hand, we are already missing a) FRIENDS b) Ashlyn sleeping in her own bed all night long and napping every day, and c) coffee huts. (or Allen is missing the coffee, anyway)

Ashlyn and Granny walking Bubba

So, on to our visit. We were in Harrison for most of our first week. We mostly hung out with Granny and Ol' John. Ashlyn loved to chase the cats ("titties") around the yard and take Bubba for a walk.

Kay with the little girls

I was able to catch up with old friends while we were there. Ashlyn met Kim Smith's daughter. Kim's mom, Kay, was my Girl Scout leader. I was also able to catch up with Amanda (Hager) Fruedensprung and her daughter Beth, who turned 1 on Saturday. Unfortunately, Ashlyn slept through their visit. Ashlyn had been napping so little I hated to wake her. Amanda was my college roommate.

Amanda and Beth

A view of the downtown area in Eureka
Allen and I ditched Ashlyn with Granny one day and went to Eureka Springs, which is a small artsy (and touristy) town near Harrison. They have a beautiful historic district and a small shopping area. It was nice to have the time for just the two of us.


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