Monday, March 19, 2007

Lost Valley

Bill, Jacob, Poppy, Grandma, Ashlyn, Allen, me, Katie, Amy, Mark and Terri

On Monday, we went hiking in Lost Valley. We had a good time climbing a bit in the caves. It is an easy hike (obviously) and we took our time. Afterwards, we drove around showing Terri, Mark's girlfriend, a few sites around Arkansas. We ended our day with dinner at Bubba's, back in Eureka Springs.

Family Pic

Messy girl

A stop at the pottery shop in Osage


Katie said...

I bet that barbeque is Gooo-oood!

hasnt had a good bbq sandwich in years said...

oooh...Bubbas BBQ. Please Fed-Ex me some! It might not make it in one piece, but Im willing to take that chance!

Laura said...

Man, when you update, you update. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of the next American Idol. Those are adorable.

I miss you guys so much.

Can I get in on that BBQ Fed-Ex, too?

christal said...

Loving the updates! So happy to see pictures of everyone enjoying themselves! Glad you and Allen have gotten some time together too.