Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bags Arrived!

Our bags were delivered just before 10 pm on Saturday night! Good thing I didn't have to go out in public in my ugly new clothes. We are all adjusting to the time change and resting from the trip. I haven't taken any pictures of Ashlyn playing with Granny yet, but I will post some soon.


Lysandra said...

I am so glad they made it. How unnerving to be without them.

Laura said...

I want to see pictures of the ugly WalMart clothes.

christal said...

Bring on the ugly WalMart clothes just for shits and giggles! (aussie expression with no translation). Can't wait to see more photos of EVERYONE!

Vicki said...

Be careful putting down WalMart...remember you're back in Arkansas (the original WalMart land) :)

The trip from Fairbanks is long enough without all those burps along the way - glad to hear the 3 of you (and Ranger) survived it. OK...I'm glad the cat made it too.

Pictures will be nice but we're really looking forward to seeing the 3 of you in person!

Angie said...

Christal, we have that expression here, too. And, I love Walmart, but not for clothing shopping. Cheap, cheap, not attractive stuff. I think it was worse the other night than usual, too. Didn't they start selling a cheap brand of levis? I couldn't find them.

NO pictures. Thank you very much.