Friday, February 23, 2007

Moving and Miracles

Even if I'd had my camera with me, I would not have taken pictures of our empty home today. First of all, I don't want to remember it empty. I especially don't want to remember it with bits of trash and cat hair outlines where the furniture used to be. We have some MAJOR cleaning to do this weekend. Gross.

I am actually pretty sad to be moving from here. We have been in our house for 3 1/2 years. (Well, I've been there that long, Allen took a little vacation in the desert.) That is the longest we've lived in any one home since we left our parents' homes. This is also the longest we've lived in one place since college. I am very sad about leaving close friends, who are so like family, our little quiet house in the woods, and so many things that make Alaska unique. I've even been crying about it a couple of days.

However, if I ever thought that I would miss the weather, NO WAY! We've had a pretty warm winter so far this year. Temperatures were above 0 for a good part of January. Very unusual. Still winter, but enjoyable. Now we have a cold snap. When the movers arrived this morning, it was -45. And, of course, they had the doors open most of the day, taking everything that we own to the trucks. I ended up going upstairs and staying there after about 10 minutes. BRRRRRR. Occasionally, I would come downstairs and check out the progress. That would take about 2 minutes and then I would go back up and sit by the heater.

The highlight of the day was our "moving day miracle." Allen lost his wedding band in fall '04. He thought that he'd lost it at the gym, and it was just gone. We found it today! I was so excited! One of the movers said "what's that? Is that a ring?" I saw it and immediately snatched it up, with "that's Allen's wedding ring!!!!" So, not lost, just misplaced. A miracle, I tell you.


christal said...

Where did you find the ring?! That was a stroke of luck! Also a nice memory to have of leaving the house as you can always think back to how fantastic is was to find his ring. Brad and I both wish we could spend time with everyone in AR, would have been great. hope you enjoy catching up with everyone before the big move. It is actually easier moving countries I think, rather than states - as I love the pure fresh start of it all. Am loving that you take time out to keep us up to date with the move, thanks heaps!

Jamie Lynn said...

Yey!! What a moving miracle.
I SO understand how you feel about leaving AK. It was very hard for me to leave all of you. Your friendship means so much!!

I hope your next few weeks go smoothly. Enjoy your time with your family.

Katie said...

Yes, where was the ring? That is great!

I'm sorry it was soooo cold on moving day. I hope you don't have to pay the heating bill for that one! :)

We will miss you guys! Good thing we have the trusty blogs to keep us in touch. Can't wait to read more!