Wednesday, February 21, 2007

All of the latest news

My father was in the hospital over the weekend with chest pains. Thankfully, the doctors found no problems with his heart, and he is now at home.

Ranger came out of his surgery just fine. He looks quite pitiful, but even in his pitifulness, he is still quite the beggar. He followed Ashlyn around this afternoon while she had a cracker. He will be on some restrictions for the next couple of months, but, just as with his other leg, he should be fine after that. I hope this can't happen to front legs, too! He will have the sutures taken out on the 1st, and should be fine to fly that evening.

John, Katie, Robyn, Chris, Wes, Laura, me and Allen

We went out with good friends last night to Lavelle's. Since John and Katie will also be moving VERY soon, we wanted to get together as a group before then. Chris and Robyn will be leaving this summer after having a baby, but Wes and Laura have become sourdoughs and will live here forever:) Thanks for a great time!
Robyn, Katie, Laura, and me
We had movers today. They packed up stuff that we are not taking to Germany with us. Mostly, art supplies and all of my teacher stuff. Makes me kind of sad that I am just assuming I won't need that, but that's how it goes. We will just have to travel on a smaller budget, I guess. But, hey, we won't have to travel around a school schedule or anything. Tomorrow starts the rest of the packing. I can hardly believe that we will be leaving so soon. Someone else will own our house in a week. I will probably always think of it as our house, though.
Ashlyn wasn't feeling well today, so instead of getting stuff done, I was holding her a good part of the day. Not feeling well has seemed to make her thrash around more than normal, so she's had some pretty major bedhead going on. She really loved having her hair brushed this morning.

I ALMOST don't want to post this, because I don't want to beat Jamie to the news. (I just checked their blog, more pictures!) But, Jamie and Chris had their baby boy this afternoon. You can check out his picture and stats online, but no name yet. Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy!


Vicki said...

Glad to hear both your Dad and Ranger are OK.

always happy to hear ftom you... said...

Very glad to hear your Dad and Ranger are doing better! Food for dogs is thier highest priority - always!. Hey, about those art supplies and stuff, well if you need or want some while you are over there you can always buy more supplies and art stuff as well as buy some arkwork too. Glad to hear that you and your friends got together before going (or staying with) your separate ways. Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Love B/D/P

Jamie Lynn said...

I wish I was there!!! I miss you guys!! You look great! Thanks for including our special news in your blog. Love you.