Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pictures and Randomness

Allen, not enjoying the flash in his face in the morning.
Some of these pictures are from last month that I never got around to sharing.
Remote Control Baby-Ashlyn loves remotes. (really buttons of any kind) In this picture she was playing with the remote for the Christmas lights. When she got up in the morning, one of the first things she would do was run to the remotes to turn on the tree lights.
Lazy Bones-This is Ashlyn, stretching out and watching television.
Exercising with Daddy
I'm not sure what they were doing here, but they looked like an odd statue to me.

Tea Party

Allen taught Ashlyn to crawl under her slide,

where she pretends to go "night-night." (This is actually pretty close to how she sleeps, too.)

The news for the day is that Ashlyn said her second sentence, "get out now." She was referring to getting out of the bath. I sometimes feel like we are speaking a different language. I wasn't positive what she said the first time, so she repeated, "get out now" and added "bye-bye."

The excessive flash on my pictures has been driving me crazy. (Oh, for natural light!) I had been looking into getting an external flash. It occurred to me tonight that I might just figure out how to use my manual settings. That would probably help, too.


Jame Lynn said...

Great pictures. Love the randomness.

Jame Lynn said...

I guess you and I are in the template changing mood. :)

Katie said...

I agree about the flashes. I am going to get an external one. I was so amazed at how much better my pictures turned out in Texas where there was actual daylight.

I love the one of Ashlyn by the tree!

Your new template is great!

KimS said...

Gracie has that same purple striped hoodie sweater. How funny-- a continent away and we buy the same clothes. Global economy indeed.

Re your recent comment on my blog-- family nearby is definitely a benefit, but think of the breadth of experience Ashlyn will have as your daughter! Born in Alaska, traveling next to Germany-- what neat stories and pictures you'll have to show her of her childhood. That's fabulous in its own right, too.

(Do you all have any plans to return to Arkansas/the US someday, or are you career military folk?)

Angie said...

Well, Kim. I possibly could have purchased that sweater here, but my sister bought it in Branson. And, I do see the advantages to Ashlyn's experiences. I guess I just want it all: Extended family and world experiences.

Angie said...

Oh, and I don't know about the career military thing. Allen both wants to get out and stay in all at once. I guess he wants it all as well.

Grandma Harris said...

Love all the pictures you've been posting. It looks like Ashlyn is as good at putting together an outfit as her grandmother! (Me NOT Margaret).

I feel the same way about Allen being in the military. I support whatever he wants in life but it sure would be nice to have the 3 of you closer to us. We enjoy Hannah, Hayes, Makena and Kamryn and wish we could see and spend as much time with Ashlyn and Jackson.

sara said...

Love the pics! Max is the same way with remotes. We finally took the batteries out of on old one & he loves to "change channels".