Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My Birthday

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. To celebrate, Allen made me breakfast. (He then told me that I would not be doing any dishes that day. I could wait a day to do them. Ha!) He also took me to dinner and a MOVIE!!!! As I mentioned in an earlier post, Before Ashlyn (BA) we went to the movies quite frequently, with no prior planning. (Of course, Allen was gone for nearly 16 months, so obviously we wouldn't have gone to the movies together with or without Ashlyn. But, I have only been to a theater twice in that time.) We saw Pursuit of Happyness, which was ok, not as good as we expected, but worth seeing. Allen also gave me another lens for my camera, which we are both not sure about now that we have it. Obviously, we haven't really had time to play with it, but do you see a big difference in these pictures?

Photo A

Photo B

Of course, before giving up on this lens, we will be taking more photos. I'm just not sure if I see enough of an advantage in the new lens to justify the extra weight and bulk (and $$$.) We'll see.

Allen received orders for Germany today. We are also in the process of decluttering our home, both by getting rid of stuff and hiding it in the crawl space, in order to sell it. So, it sounds like we may actually be moving, and kinda soon.

On another note, when we moved here, because it was considered overseas, Allen received orders for him to move to Alaska. Then, we had to apply for command sponsorship, where I had to take my medical records, and they (no, I don't know who "they" are) had to determine if it was ok for me to move here. Allen's orders already include Ashlyn and me. Is Germany different or has the Army actually streamlined one of their processes? Does anybody know? The only thing that I could figure is that all military medical records are online now, so the hand carrying medical records is no longer necessary. Maybe. Anyway, randomness.

I am leaving you with a picture of Ashlyn, throwing herself on the floor. She does this quite frequently. She did not have a good day today. She hit her head 4 times today, just running into stuff. Both of her parents have been a bit accident-prone at times, so she really had no prayer. Even with bumping her head and throwing herself on the ground, I still think she is so pretty. Your mother should always think you are pretty, even if no one else agrees. And, the sight of Allen with Ashlyn, whether just holding her or Ashlyn running over to Allen to give him kisses, is the most beautiful of all in my eyes.


Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Happy #32nd Birthday!
Photo B is much better, more light and depth of field. Germany is different, of course, the Army is always changing things, but to say "more streamlined" one also has to ask: "For who?" Not necessarily for the service members or thier families! I would say your chances are excellent that all of you will have a much better experience with everything in Germany. I am so thankful about your situation now that several times each day I say: "I am blessed that my son is with his family in Alaska." You are all beautiful and I miss all of you very much. I think often of you and mostly about the days we hope to spend with you soon. Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

Katie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

I think Photo B looks better...but there realy isn't that much difference. Have you tried to see if there's a difference outside? Does it zoom in closer?

Ashlyn is very pretty! I agree with you!

Angie said...

Of course, I know that Germany is different than Alaska, I was only referring to the command sponsorship portion. If it was streamlined, it did make things easier for us, too, since we didn't have to do anything.I wondered if maybe the command sponsorship was just an Alaska thing. I don't know why it would be.

The new lens is wide angle and was taken at its widest, as was the lens that came with my camera. I do see a slight difference, but certainly not much.

Jamie Lynn said...

Happy BDay! I tried to call you yesterday but it just rang and rang... Ash is beautiful. I miss you guys... need to get back to work. Ciao.
How do you say goodbye in German???

Angie said...

Crap, I don't know. Allen is supposed to be ordering a german language course for us. We know NOTHING!

Brad said...

Happy Birthday!! I actually like photo A better. But what do I know.

KimS said...

Howdy- Dunno about which pic is better, but do you know what color of gold your walls are? They have a lovely glow to them.

(I have a feeling that you probably picked it out, being the talented woman you are...)