Thursday, November 23, 2006

Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! Today, I am thankful for paper turkeys, a little girl who wants to hold my hand, family, friends who shared the holiday, a warm house, Ranger dog and the baby cat, and a wonderful husband who will be home in a week. What are you thankful for?


Vicki said...

All my family including stepsons, daughter-in-laws and especially my wonderful husband and grandchildren. I'm grateful for the recent elections in America and that we have such a great democracy. I'm so blessed it's hard to include everything - health, job, home, life is overflowing with things to be grateful for.

Brad said...

What Brad is thankful for:
To have a beautiful wife who will be a fantastic mom. For my boy Jackson who will eventually stop for directions and find his way out. To be able to feel close to family even if some of them are 9499 miles away. TO BE DONE WITH UNIVERSITY! For Angie and the gift she gives us all by letting us into her everyday life. Did I mention my boy Jackson? For my big brother Allen, doing what nobody wanted to do, and making us all proud. Thank you Allen. For all my family and friends.

Katie said...

Cool picture of Ashlyn!

I am thankful that we figured out which pipe was frozen in our basement before it flooded. And for pizza delivery.

I am VERY thankful that Allen will be home very soon!

Jamie Lynn said...

Friends, family, the wonderful miracle growing inside of me, the ability to learn and grow as an individual, my health, my great dogs, wonderful husband and tomorrow- whatever it may hold.

bob/dadpawpaw said...

I am thankful for my beautiful wife who is a super grandma and loving stepmom; I am thankful to be in Hobart with my youngest son (recent university graduate AND employed) and his lovely wife Christal about to give brith to my 6th grandchild (the only true blue Australian male in our family); for the always entertaining Angie (I am also thankful for all the things that Angie listed) and adorable Ashlyn (the only grandchild born under the midnight sun of Alaska) and for Captain Al Harris and his soldiers and thier selfless service to Amercia; I am thankful for Matt and Sharon and Hannah (1st grand daughter and the one who blessd me with the name Pawpaw) and Hayes (1st grandson)and Makena (her name means God's gift and she is living up to that) and Kamryn (the youngest grand daughter) for Matt's and Sharon's courage to love and care for a large family and the great success of thier daycare service. I am so very proud of all my sons and daughters-in-law and grand children - I could not have asked God for greater blessings - but then He sends to me everyday the greatest blessing all - they all love me! I love you all! Bob/Dad/Pawpaw

Kim said...

Home in a week?? HOME IN A WEEK!!

Oh, how awesome that that time is already here. It snuck up on me!

...I'm thankful for a husband brave enough to change careers just as he was given a daughter (and stay-@-home wife) to support; for a cool November day with bare-leaved trees instead of a green sultry Florida Thanksgiving; and for a beautiful, perfect little girl, healthy and hearty and nearly walking, who's betwitching her family with her grins and giggles these days.