Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Far away babies

Makena, Kamryn, Hannah, and Hayes

The absolute hardest thing about living here is being so far from family. I want to know our nieces and nephews more. I want them to get to know Ashlyn, as well. And, when we have a new baby in our family that I don't get to hold in all their wonderful, tiny, new-babiness, I am so saddened about the distance. It makes me want Allen to get out of the Army and move directly back to Arkansas to be near them all. Anyway, I have more pictures to share, (for those of you who haven't already seen them, or her, envy, envy) even though looking at them makes my arms ache and my eyes tear up.

Just moments old

Kamryn and her Momma

So tiny

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Katie said...

Oh wow. She is so tiny and precious. I totally hear you on the wanting to move home thing...having a baby will do that to a person!