Monday, November 27, 2006

Coldness, Children, and a Continued Countdown

The sun did not shine.
It was too cold to play.
So we were stuck in the house
All that cold, cold, cold day.

I sat there with Ashlyn.
We sat there, we two.
And I said, "How I wish
We had something to do!"

Too cold to go out
And too cold to play ball.
So we sat in the house.
We did nothing at all.

So all we could do was to
And we did not like it.
Not one little bit.
A paraphrase of some sort of the beginning of the Cat in the Hat as been going through my head this month. It has been a very cold month. I am sure that we will possibly have colder weather in January, but this is only November. I don't believe that the temperature has been above 0 (that's fahrenheit) all month. For the past two or three weeks, we've only made it to about -15. Today is a warm one, though. Back up to 0. We all need to get outside, too. Ranger is acting up with bathroom habits. Ashlyn just hates when I put on her winter gear, but we have no choices about this when it is frigid. And, this winter gear is just to go to and from places. We have not been going on walks, sledding or anything. I know that people do take their children out when it is this cold, but I find the cold here kind of scary, so I have warmer limits. Last year, my limit was 0. Since Ashlyn moves around more now, I may drop that to -10, especially if it stays this cold. It has been a long month, and oh, it is going to be a loooong winter. But, it is 0 today, so we can go out later! But, darn it, it will be dark by the time Ashlyn gets up from her nap. We may have to go out, anyway.
Of course, we have not just been sitting in the house. Ashlyn must have some cat in the hat in her, because she has been making big messes. She hasn't managed to pull out any ZOOM! and fix them, though.

Spaghetti. Yum.

Clown shoes. I mean, mommy's shoes.

What? Panties make fine necklaces. (They are clean.)

The bag lady.

In addition to all of the messes Ashlyn is doing so many new cute things. She loves to point out different parts of her face, and yours, even if that means poking you in the eye as she says "eye." She is trying to sing the ABCs, but really has no clue, though she seems to be aiming for the tune. She has been doing some of the actions to "The Wheels on the Bus." I need to get that on video and share. She also carries on long conversations that go something like this, "Bashamshadada" as she gestures across the room. "Shadamashu." Then she waits for your response. "Oh, yes, Ashlyn, I think so, too." "Dadashushumashusha" with a laugh. And, I laugh, too. Occasionally, these conversations include words that she does know, as when she is gesturing towards the cat and says "kitty," along with all of the gibberish. But, generally, her conversation needs far exceed her actual communication skills.

Oh, Allen will be home in 3 DAYS! I am so emotional I cried when I saw that the post had put lights up to illuminate all of the welcome home signs. I cried later talking to someone else about it. I cried when I drove past the AHA today, when I saw other people leaving with their soldiers. (The brigade is coming back in waves and the first ones arrived Saturday or Sunday.)


bob/dadpawpaw said...

Ashlyn looks like she has grown a lot just since we were there in October! Sitting at the counter like a big person she looks so tall! Have you measured her height recently? What would that be? When Allen gets home he'll chase away those winter blues! Please get pictures out of his reception soonest before you guys stop answering all calls! When would be the best time to try to conttact you with Brad's new webcam to give it a trial run? When your countdown gets clsoer each post shows more of your excitement - keep it coming! Love, B/D/P

Jamie Lynn said...

Love the post. Can;t wait to see your guys (via blog). Good talking with you yesterday. Love ya.