Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Loving this Time

Today was a great day. On the one hand, I feel like I have so much to feel stressed about right now, and a lot of times I do. But today, I realized how blessed I am. After Ashlyn woke up from her nap, we snuggled in the rocking chair, while I read Brown Bear, Brown Bear over and over. Later, I pulled the sled out to go on a walk. At first, Ashlyn ran around the room, laughing, then she ran to sit in the sled. She got kind of mad when I made her get out to put on her snowsuit. She laughed as we walked outside. It was a beautiful day, and I realized that, if I was teaching, I would miss so many of these times. Eventually, Ashlyn won't want to sit in my lap and have me read to her. I hate to miss a single minute of that.

Cute girl, ready to go

Beautiful Day


Katie said...

I'm glad you are enjoying life with Ashlyn....I'm also glad that the snow isn't stopping her!

Lysandra said...

I love that kids are wearing halloween stuff! Ashlyn looks festive!