Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Party and other photos

Ashlyn loves her little pumpkins.

Our FRG group had a Halloween Party Saturday evening at the Last Frontier Community Center. There were games, prizes, food, candy, and a lot of children! I think it may have been too much for Ashlyn. She didn't want to eat anything, play any games, or let me out of her sight. As I tried to run games, Ashlyn wanted to be on my lap. She did like the bean bag toss, or at least the bean bags. I had to take them away from her for each child to throw. There will be more dress up fun tomorrow.

Ashlyn, having a great time!

In this game, the kids were wrapping people up as mummies. My group didn't do that great of a job. Ashlyn did think this was kind of funny, though.

I love snow pictures


Katie said...

What cute photos! The one of her crying in her costume is too sad and cute at the same time. Maybe she was scared of people's costumes!?

MIssingYouInArkansas said...

Angie, If wrapped up in toilet paper puts a smile on your face you should wear some all the time! You are a really cute mummie Mum! (In Australia is a small Mum a mummie...?!) I guess Ashlyn likes kitty cats but does not want to BE one! (Maybe because Armand never goes outside...?) :>O

Angie said...

I don't think she was scared of costumes, because really most of the kids were very little and were not scary things. I think it was just too many people right after her nap.