Sunday, September 24, 2006

She's Got the Moves

Click here to watch "Ashlyn's Newest Dance Moves"


C and J said...

...and she knows how to use them!!
Love it! So glad that you shared those great dancing moves. One thing that I thought was great is how Ranger kept howling and howling and Ashlyn didn't care. She just kept on dancing. Too funny.

BTW- Jake got excited when he heard Ranger. He jumpped up, started wagging his tail (a houndred times an hour) and looked out the window. I think he thought you were coming over for dinner.

Laura said...

Chena freaked out, too. I had to stop the video b/c Bo was sleeping and it was making Chena bark like crazy. Dumb dog. But anywho - love the dance moves. Sign her up.

Angie said...

She has definitely learned to ignore him. I wish I could do better at that. (sigh)

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Thanks so much for the dance video Angie! All smiles here - what a way to start off a Monday! And a good rehearsal for our visit in less than a week! Now I have a dance partner who dances about as well as I do! The difference is that Ashlyn will get better and, well, I am like Ranger: an old dog that won't be learning any new tricks!
Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw