Monday, September 18, 2006

Modeling Tights

Just a few pics of Ashlyn in her new tights.

These are just a tad too big.


Grandma Harris said...

Should I buy her some more in a smaller size? The first ones are adorable.

Angie said...

Oh no. She has plenty. She still wore those to church Sunday, just under her arm pits. Thanks.

Laura said...

That is the best picture ever!!!! I love it.

I can't wait to see the ones from the park tonight. I hope you got some good ones.

Anonymous said...

Love that "tad too big" picture.

Have you heard of babylegs? I want to get Gracie some, but I get Decision Paralysis every time I go to the website. So many cute patterns, I can't make a decision.

But what I mostly meant to say was that I love that picture. Hilarious.

Kim Smith

Katie said...

HILARIOUS! They will keep her extra warm in the winter!