Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Organizing the shelves

Again, I'm not able to upload through blogger, so these are one at a time.

Here's sweet Ashlyn playing after her bath.
Ashlyn loves to play with Mommy's toys.

Ashlyn is so helpful in the kitchen.


Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Has she tried wearing any of your toys? Be sure to get a picture fo Ashlyn with a bowl for a hat and a tea kettle for a purse!

Laura said...

You always have the cutest pictures that capture her personality so well.

It was so good to walk with you today. I have missed our walks.

Katie said...

Too cute! I love them after their baths!

Lysandra said...

They smell nice when they have been freshly washed. I hope that she always wants to help in the kitchen.