Sunday, August 20, 2006

Moose, Movement, and Michelle

As we were eating breakfast this morning, I saw a moose walking down our neighbor's driveway. I quickly grabbed my camera and ran outside, where there were actually two large moose. At first, I couldn't get a good shot through the trees, but then they walked through our yard and down the drive. Amazingly, Ranger was too busy waiting for Ashlyn to drop some food to pay any attention.

Don't you love her bracelets?

Ashlyn is on the move now. She has been taking steps, more and more everyday. Last night at Chris and Robyn's, she just started taking off. I thought it was just that she was excited, but she walked SO MUCH today. She wasn't crawling hardly at all. It is still so funny. She holds her arms up high, pushes her belly out, and picks her knees way up. She's doing it, though. And is so proud of herself, too. Ashlyn has also started riding on her push/ride toys. She prefers the one that Laurie and Paige got her for her birthday. It has buttons to push that talk and play music. As far as music goes, I've been watching Friends on DVD. Ashlyn really likes the intro music. She dances and claps her hands when they do.

While I am truly excited that Ashlyn is doing these new things, (after all she is nearly 14 months old) part of me hates that Allen is not here to see it. I know that this is part of his job, he's fighting for his country, blah, blah, blah, but he's missing it. Ashlyn walking has bothered me most, just because I had been telling her a few weeks ago to just wait until Daddy came home. But, it is really all of the little things, too, that aren't really worth blogging about. He's just missing so much.


I wrote in the last post about Michelle's column. So, I wanted to update you. Her newest column in Friday's paper was great about balancing the difficult parts of dealing with a deployment and keeping spirits up, plus there were two letters to the editor in support of her, and another one today. I encourage you to read her articles, and I will be posting a link to them from now on. And, for those of you who commented on here, Michelle read those comments and appreciated them. Thanks.

Just hanging out. Reading.


Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Angie, first thank you so very much for the pictures of Ashlyn - that is one very excited and happy baby girl! Allen told me in an e-mail that he is looking forward to getting the disk with the video of Ashlyn walking and I know he'll watch that over and over again; laughing loudly and grinning broadly!

Katie said...

You ALWAYS have moose near your house! Very cool! Ashlyn is adorable. I love her little "marching" walk. It is so cute. I am sad that Allen isn't here to see it as well. It isn't fair!@

Brad said...

That is one happy kid! The pictures are great.

C and J said...

What great Ashlyn pictures. I really like the one with her hands in the air, laughing. Cute outfit too. I wish Allen was home with you two.