Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Random News

I don't feel like much has been going on lately to post. We have just been hanging around the house, waiting for Allen to come home, not much, really. I do have a few rather small events that I thought would add up to one posting, though.

First of all, Ashlyn had her first nursery experience at church on Sunday. She has been getting louder and more active during church for the last few months. I was considering putting her in the nursery around the time that I read Katie's blog on the same subject and decided against it. We have a little church and only one nursery worker. So, if something is wrong, I have been so afraid that she couldn't come get me. Well, last week I realized that I might as well stay home from church if I was going to keep Ashlyn in the sanctuary. I wasn't paying any attention to the service and she was disrupting others as well. I actually left church on Mother's Day in the middle of the service to go home. Ashlyn was cranky. It was making me cranky, there were a few baptisms and such still to come. It was enough. So, anyway, Ashlyn has now been to the church nursery. She was fine. No story. There were only two other kids in there, and she was happy when I came to pick her up. Now, I can go to church and actually participate in the service, instead of leaving constantly with Ashlyn to go to the cry room.

Yesterday Ashlyn started talking into her phone. She holds it up to her ear (never the right way) and occasionally says "Daddy" or "Mom." I always tell her to say hi to Daddy. She did this A LOT on Monday, since I really made a big deal out of it. As I was talking on the phone to someone else, she sat on my lap and talked on her phone. It was really cute.

Ashlyn LOVES books. She likes to have them read to her, looks at the pictures, pulls them off her shelf, and carries them around. Tonight she had me read Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? over and over(4 times). I knew this was a toddler trait, but I wasn't expecting it, yet. She was also very interested in looking at the pictures in On The Day You Were Born, which is a book/journal about the day that Ashlyn was born.

On another note, we haven't seen the cat in 24 hours. I am really worried about him. He hasn't been going outside much this summer (it has been very rainy) but he may have slipped out last night. He hasn't been gone for any length of time since we moved here. I hope he shows up soon. Ok, right after I wrote this, the cat came back. I don't know what he was doing, but he seems fine, though very hungry.

I am leaving you with some funny faces by Ashlyn. (Ok, apparently, I cannot add pictures to this particular blog. I have tried several times. Don't understand the problem.)


Laura said...

Lots of good little stuff but I want to see Ashlyn's funny faces.

I'm also so glad Armand came home. Don't you wish you have a kitty-Cam to see where he went and what he did? Kind of makes you wonder, huh? Very strange.

Cherie said...

Maybe Armand and Tiger have been hanging out. Tiger disappeared recently, but came back right after I wrote about it in my blog. Congrats on instilling a love of books in your daughter. Although, I shouyld tell you that the desire to read the same book over and over has yet to stop, even for Lexi.

Angie said...

I'm glad that they came back at least. If an animal was going to disappear, I would prefer that it be the poop eater. I can't believe I'm saying that, because I would actually be devastated if anything happened to him.

C and J said...

Angie! I can't believe you said that either. Poor Ranger Dog. Glad Armand came back. Good post. Looks like Ashlyn will be like her mom with books:)

Angie said...

I know, but I have caught him eating poop, his, the cat's or babies nearly EVERY DAY in the past 10 days! He was out there taking a nibble while we were looking for the cat, our easy to take care of pet, who has never eaten anyone's poop.

Anonymous said...

Homer Simpson: "mmmmmm, pooooop!"