Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pictures to go with earlier post

Hello? Hello?

Hi, Daddy!
I'm too tired to stand up and push!
I will get on the couch!
Pure crankiness with Poppy


Katie said...

CUTE!!!! Ashlyn LOOKS like a toddler in that last picture. Wow! She is really growing up too fast! I can't believe she is having you re-read books already. Smart girl!

Cherie said...

Your pictures are great. She is such a cutie and it looks like she has a lot of personality.

C and J said...

I love, love, LOVE the pictures!! She IS growing up too fast. Put a brick on her head. :)

Laura said...

That first pic of Ashlyn on the phone is priceless. She was doing that all day today at my house. A couple of times she even managed to call people on the real phone. Thank goodness none of them *69ed me. What a cutie!!

Angie said...

Yeah, I may have to get her a phone like Bo's. Apparently 3 toy phones are not enough for a one year old!