Friday, July 14, 2006

Mother of the Year

Ashlyn was not crying because of the head bonking, but I thought it looked appropriately pitiful.

Ashlyn was invited to a birthday party tonight. She had her second experience with pizza this week. She had finished eating her pizza, what she hadn't thrown on the ground, and I was getting a wet wipe to clean her up. I was apparently not fast enough, because the next thing I know she fell off the picnic table onto the hard concrete, headfirst! She cried for a long time and got TWO bumps on her head from this fall. Fortunately, both a nurse and a physician's assistant were there and said that she was fine. After she calmed down, she had a great time crawling around in all kinds of dirty things and having a good time doing it.

Notice the large bump on the left side of her head. There is a smaller one further down on the side of her head, as well.

I already felt bad about this. When we got home we were sitting on the couch, which she can get off by herself. Unfortunately, she tried to sit too close to the edge and fell off, hitting the other side of her head this time. Poor baby! Of course, she's fine, but she doesn't look real great. At least we do have carpeted floors, so she has no bumps on the left side of her head, just the right.


Laura said...

Poor thing - she looks like she's been through hell. Thank goodness kids are tough!

Katie said...

Oh my GOD! That is awful!! I can't believe they are that resilient. Its amazing!

C and J said...

Poor Ash and poor Ang. Knowing you, I bet after she "recovered" you were still beating yourself up. She's a strong kid. Just like you.

Even banged up she is cute as a button.

Angie said...

It doesn't help that Allen called last night after reading the blog to ask why I hadn't taken better care of his daughter!