Saturday, July 22, 2006

Beautiful Day!

I think she was watching the planes flying overhead. From Eielson??
The weather today was perfect! One of those days that makes you happy that you live in Alaska. It has been so rainy this summer that we've had very few days that were warm and sunny enough to use Ashlyn's baby pool. So, around noon I put just a little water in the pool. I didn't want to put very much in, because our ground water is VERY cold. I was afraid that it wouldn't warm up enough by the time we wanted to use it. I took Ashlyn out to the pool maybe 3 hours later. The water was a perfect temperature. She had no interest. I put her on the slide. She wanted out! We will try again tomorrow. I will fill the pool with more water, and do it in the morning, so it has awhile to warm up. It was still a beautiful afternoon, and my busy daughter still had a great time outside.

There is not enough water in this pool, Mom! How lame!

That's it. I'm getting out!

I would rather get in the flower bed.

And crawl in the gravel (I don't get this. She gets so scratched up on those sweet legs. It never seems to bother her. I put on sandals to follow her.)


Katie said...

ouch! The gravel looks painful!!!

Laura said...

You take the cutest pictures. I am envious, but then again having a super beautiful and adorable subject helps.

And I agree with Ashlyn, what a lame amount of water. :) Come on Ang, give her something to work with here. There wasn't even enough to make a good splash. No wonder she chose the flower bed over the dry plastic tub. (hee hee - only giving you a hard time because I can)

Anonymous said...

Angie, Ashlyn looks just like your mom. I see so much of her in these past few pictures. I used to think she looked like Allen or at least the Harris family but she has your moms features. She is such a pretty baby.

C and J said...

I want a pool! It was 100 here yesterday. I think I will go get Jake a little pool today.

Brad said...

It's official. Come November, Ashyln's Australian cousin will be...drum roll please...A BOY!! Jackson Angus Harris will proudly carry on the Harris family name.

My American brethren may take some time to come to terms with the name Angus, but have no doubt that he is only the most recent addition to a long line of esteemed Australian boys who carry this name. Most notably his grandfather and that crazy guy in AC/DC.

Correct protocol or not, I have now told everyone I know and alot of people I dont know, including about 50 people I passed on the footpath when I proudly walked home from the hospital!

The due date has been bumped up by about 3 days, but we are still looking at around the end of November. As the great philosopher Homer would say, "Woo Hoo!".

C and J said...

Congrats Brad!! How exciting!

Vicki said...

Congrats to both! We are soooo excited to have another baby in the family and glad to hear you are leveling out the boy/girl numbers. While I was at the mall yesterday I kept thinking...I sure wish I knew what Christal and Sharon are having. Sorry Sharon but Christal will win in the clothes catagory because there are only so many yellow outfits a baby needs!

Bob/Dad/Pawpaw said...

Ashlyn is a well "grounded" Alaskan! ground water - cold? rocks - rough?

No way, she's Ashlaskan!

Love, Bob/Dad/Pawpaw