Monday, June 05, 2006


This is the entire group(except Jae Rin) from the first dinner club in August.
While the guys are gone, people have tried to keep busy. Jae Rin Park, a friend of mine, started a dinner club. It is called Wives with a HAIRCUT (Husbands Abroad in IRaq with a Child Under Two) dinner club. We meet every Wednesday at a different person's house with our children for dinner, usually potluck, occasionally take-out. It has been a great thing to look forward to every week. Not only do we get a home-cooked meal at least once a week, we can also commiserate with other spouses about missing our husbands, new babies, toddlers, etc.

Ashlyn and Hayden at the last dinner club at our house.
Ashlyn and I from August. She was 8 weeks. So little!
Two of our "deployment babies." Michael was born in December and Brody in March. Just from this group we had another boy in September, a girl in October and another on the way (lucky leave.)

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Katie said...

oh my gosh! Look at tiny baby Ashlyn. What a shock to see that picture. She really has grown up so fast!