Monday, April 24, 2006

April 7-Poopy Day

We decided to drive up to the North Shore, hoping to see some surfers. On the way, we stopped and toured the Dole Pineapple Plantation. We did not see any surfers. I think our timing was just off. What a pitiful baby! Sunblock rubbed in her eyes and a runny nose.

While we stopped the car at one of the beaches, Ashlyn ended up having a diaper blowout. She got her hands in it and had it on her face before I even realized that she had issues. I was checking my shoes for dog poo, when I realized that it was Ashlyn. I yelled for Allen to get the diaper bag as I carried her out in front of me to a picnic table. Poor baby. We got her and the car seat cleaned up. Fortunately, I had a change of clothes for her. I did not have a change of clothes for me, however. So, I bought a $6 t-shirt from a guy who had a card table set up in the park.

No, we aren't Britney Spears, Ashlyn was just playing after the diaper change.

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